Winter in Puyallup

Winter in Puyallup This is actually a picture a friend of mine snapped on her way to breakfast. Her and her family had decided to walk to breakfast at one of the local eatery's. This is not something they normally do in the middle of winter on a Thursday but as it turns out the whole family was home as was her sisters family and since they all don't live to far from each other in downtown … [Read more...]

What you need to know to navigate the short sale market in Puyallup

When searching for a home most buyers naturally look for the home closest to their individual needs at the lowest price. That’s a no brainer. Many of the homes that come up on a buyers list are short sales and many are listed at below market value so they look like a screaming deal. Short sales look like a good deal but are they? First and foremost the list price has nothing necessarily to … [Read more...]

Puyallup Short Sale Market Updates

Are banks and other lien holders making any improvements to the short sale process? If you have been involved in the short sale process at all in the past six months you know that there have been some improvements made to the process. First, some of the big lenders have implemented an automated system with which to track the progress and ultimately close the loan. Most lenders are still … [Read more...]