Winter in Puyallup

Winter in Puyallup This is actually a picture a friend of mine snapped on her way to breakfast. Her and her family had decided to walk to breakfast at one of the local eatery's. This is not something they normally do in the middle of winter on a Thursday but as it turns out the whole family was home as was her sisters family and since they all don't live to far from each other in downtown … [Read more...]

Is It Safe for a First Time Homebuyer to Buy a Fixer Upper

With the infusion in the market of many short sale and foreclosure homes, come many properties that are in need of repairs ,as such they do not qualify for traditional FHA or VA loans. The reason they do not qualify for these loans is the strict guidelines that the VA and FHA have on the proper conditions of the home. This has traditionally made these loans desirable for homebuyers in that … [Read more...]

Puyallup Real Estate Update

Or you having a tough time keeping up with whats going on in Real Estate? Whew! Your not alone. Don't get me wrong I am a full time Real Estate Agent working in the market every day but the changes just keep coming. Yes, their are the usual lending changes which seem to come about once a month but that's easy enough to keep up with by having a network of lenders who keep up with the market as I … [Read more...]