Puyallup Fair Hosts America’s Largest Antique Show

Looking for something fun to do this weekend? On November 9th and 10th, the Puyallup - I mean, Washington State - Fair plays host to a travelling antique and collectibles show that is the largest in Washington State.  … [Read more...]

Puyallup Short Sale Buyers Guide

Here is a short guide to purchasing Short Sale Properties in Puyallup. Be sure you are working with a buyers agent that has successfully negotiated and closed short sales. Short Sale properties are usually the best priced homes on the market, therefore you and your agent need to be watching the market daily to to find them as they list. Be prepared to see those properties that interest you … [Read more...]

How To Plan Your New Home Purchase

  One of the things I offer to all my clients are free consultations whether you are purchasing a new home or selling a family home it’s a major decision and we want to get it right.  Buyers Consultation Buying a new home is one of the biggest most importand purchases you will make in your life time so it's important that we get it right. In my buyers consultation I will go … [Read more...]

Winter in Puyallup

Winter in Puyallup This is actually a picture a friend of mine snapped on her way to breakfast. Her and her family had decided to walk to breakfast at one of the local eatery's. This is not something they normally do in the middle of winter on a Thursday but as it turns out the whole family was home as was her sisters family and since they all don't live to far from each other in downtown … [Read more...]

Is It Safe for a First Time Homebuyer to Buy a Fixer Upper

With the infusion in the market of many short sale and foreclosure homes, come many properties that are in need of repairs ,as such they do not qualify for traditional FHA or VA loans. The reason they do not qualify for these loans is the strict guidelines that the VA and FHA have on the proper conditions of the home. This has traditionally made these loans desirable for homebuyers in that … [Read more...]

Investors Paradise!

In talking to our local escrow office recently I got some surprising information. Last year more than 30% of all closed transactions for 2011 were cash transactions bought by investors. With the foreclosures and short sale properties still going strong it's no wonder since many of the homes that I have viewed in the past year need too much work for a VA or FHA qualified loan. Keep in mind … [Read more...]

1st Snow event of 2012 in Puyallup

[property_details details="1"] This is the first snow event of the year here in Puyallup. Pretty much the entire town shuts down as most folks here at not comfortable driving in the snow. Some cannot avoid it which sometimes leads to fender benders and people stuck on the roads. The real benefactors of the snow are the school children. Every school in Puyallup and most of Western Wa is shut … [Read more...]

What you need to know to navigate the short sale market in Puyallup

When searching for a home most buyers naturally look for the home closest to their individual needs at the lowest price. That’s a no brainer. Many of the homes that come up on a buyers list are short sales and many are listed at below market value so they look like a screaming deal. Short sales look like a good deal but are they? First and foremost the list price has nothing necessarily to … [Read more...]

Good News for Real Estate Buyers in Puyallup

Summer is slowly fading on us here in Puyallup but whats not fading at all is the Real Estate market. This morning I got an email from a client telling me she was interested in three  properties in the area and could I tell her more about each property. I pulled all three up on the Northwest Multiple Listing Service and all were pending. I checked the days on the market and each had only been on … [Read more...]

Monarch Realty Group

  At Monarch Realty Group we are dedicated to providing excellence in the field of home ownership. When buying/selling or both we take care of what matters to you most. Our team of professionals will use their skills and expertise to listen to your needs and get you the most for your money, quickly, taking all of the stress of your move away.  Pick up the phone, give us a call and  let us … [Read more...]