Monarch Realty Group

  At Monarch Realty Group we are dedicated to providing excellence in the field of home ownership. When buying/selling or both we take care of what matters to you most. Our team of professionals will use their skills and expertise to listen to your needs and get you the most for your money, quickly, taking all of the stress of your move away.  Pick up the phone, give us a call and  let us … [Read more...]

Buying a Short Sale Home

Should you consider a short sale? Buying a home that is going through the short sale process, if you have the time to commit to it, can get you a great home at a great value. The key is do you have the time? It’s not a quick process but like I said if you have the time you could end up with a great home at a great price. What you need to consider. Buying a home going through the Short sale … [Read more...]

Is it a good time for you to take advantage of our buyers market?

  It’s time to take advantage of a great buyers market. Or is it? Most of us in Real Estate are dumbfounded. Why is the market so slow? Where are the buyers? The answer, consumer confidence is down. Many people are in fear of keeping their jobs, let’s face it a lot of people have already lost their jobs. People are losing their homes all around us. The fear is high right now. Should you be … [Read more...]